6 unspoken rules of working remotely from a coffee shop

One of the benefits of working remotely, is not having to be tied to the same working environment on a daily basis.

Instead of working from home you can head to a different location, for a change of scenery and to keep things fresh.

This can give you a major boost, instead of being alone at home, you’re out, you’re changing things up by working somewhere different.

Generally, a good remote working place will require a few essentials to make it viable such as, Wi-Fi (preferably free), seating, power outlets and toilets.

One such place that is often frequented by remote workers, are coffee shops, which have the added bonus of being able to get coffee (who knew).

But with this comes rules (as well as some pre-planning) that you should follow before venturing to work at a coffee shop.

These unspoken rules aren’t generally written anywhere, but a best practice you should follow, for your sake and others:

1. Know what coffee shop you’re going to

All coffee shops will be different, you don’t want to turn up to work at one, only to find that it’s not the best place to work from.

Scope out the coffee shop you’re looking to work at beforehand, know where the power sockets are, if there’s free Wi-Fi, when it gets busy, what’s the staying policy (how long before you’re kicked out).

You need to find if this it is going to have the right working environment for you.

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