7 Ways to Create a Sustainable Household

Q: What do composting, no ‘poo washing, and family cloth (reusable toilet paper) all have in common?

A: These are all things that used to make me gag or roll my eyes – because ewww, right? But now I don’t even blink an eye when these topics come up.

In fact, Matt and I have embraced and implemented some of these things in our own household, and now WE are the weird crunchy ones folks have to hide their eye rolling from.

This past week I realized I have hit another milestone in my “crunchy” journey. Composting toilets no longer seem strange/gross/far-fetched. Yes, I actually read about using a composting toilet as a means to creating a more sustainable household, and I thought, “Great point – not enough people do this!” They are easy to construct, no water is wasted, and the resulting “humanure” can be used to fertilize trees and plants. Go ahead and let out a big “ewww,” but THAT is sustainable my friends.

Sustainability is, simply put, the capacity to endure. -Sustainability Starts at Home

Sustainability Starts at Home: A Comprehensive Resource

Sustainability Ebook

I recently had the privilege of reading the brand new e-book Sustainability Starts at Home by Dawn Gifford.

While I have read my share of books on “green” living and creating sustainable habits, this one was a very straightforward, practical, empowering book on the topic. Not only is it a convincing call to action for saving our planet’s resources, but it also gives advice on saving money and simplifying your life in the process.

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