7 Ways to Create a Sustainable Household

Warning: Gifford doesn’t pussyfoot around the real issues in this book – the book will challenge everything you are currently doing and inspire you to make immediate changes.

  • Want to know why recycling isn’t enough?
  • Did you know there are ways to get the power company to pay you?
  • Want to know how riding your bicycle could change the world?
  • Curious about which appliances are “energy vampires,” sucking the most electricity in your house?
  • Want to do a little experiment to simplify your life that could save you $200-$500 per month?

Simplicity is Sustainability

One of the reasons we started this website was to teach people how to become more sustainable by returning to the simple habits and practices our grandparents lived by. We aspire to learn new skills and decrease our reliance on modern culture so that we don’t have to loot WalMart if some sort of tragedy were to strike.

You may not want to build a homestead or ride your bike to work every day, but we recommend doing every little bit to live a simpler, more self-sufficient life.

7 ways to live simply and sustainably

1. Say goodbye to the TV

Instead of watching TV, fill your hours with reading, learning activities, and other tasks that will save you money, and build your skill set. Learn about sewing, gardening, cheese-making, or raising animals.

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