7 Ways to Create a Sustainable Household

2. Raise a few chickens

Or goats, or cows, or ducks. Not only will you have a fresh food source in your back yard, but after feeding your own family, you may also have a little food to sell or barter.

3. Get off the grid

Install a wood burning stove, look into renting solar panels, collect rain water, put in a composting toilet, and anything else you can do to use less municipal or regional resources.

4. Make your own cleaners and personal products

Our website is a great resource for making these things. You’ll be amazed at how much money you save, how many toxins you’ll eliminate from your household, and how waste is reduced when you make your own.

5. Stop eating food that comes in a box, can, or bag

Rely less on packaged foods, even if they are organic. Learn how to make your own crackers, condiments, sauces, candies, noodles, and any other packaged foods you may still be buying.

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