8 Bike Tours Around the World That Are Anything But Boring

Bike alongside Galápagos penguins

Taking a trip to the Galápagos is the adventure of a lifetime, but biking through the wildlife-filled islands really ups the FOMO ante. On DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co’s10-day Ecuador and Galápagos tour you will fly to Isabela Island where you’ll hop on your mountain bike and pedal through beaches, mangroves, and lagoons before taking a boat to the islets of Tintoreras where you’ll get up close to Galápagos penguins—the only penguin species to live north of the equator.

Ride the Tour De France before the pros

Riding in the Tour de France is an opportunity only a few will ever get to experience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bike the same route. Sports Tours International offers cycling fans the chance to bike a portion of the exact route mere hours before the pros come through. For a real challenge opt for the 14-day mountain stages tour that takes you through the famous Pyrenees and the Alps followed by a time trial in Marseille.

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