How To Live A Life Imbued With Inspiration, Creativity And Passion

Inspiration Is The Expression Of Creativity

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”―Vincent van Gogh

In his book, The Agony and the Ecstasy, Irving Stone takes the reader on a journey into Michelangelo’s life from his early days with the Medici family through to his detailed sculptures and painting at the Sistine Chapel.

The common theme depicted in the book was of an inspired painter and sculpture who lived for his art.

Although Michelangelo was supremely talented, he still devoted much of his waking life to developing these talents.

He spent numerous hours, even working throughout the night, to dissect cadavers so he could have a better understanding of the human form.

He tirelessly sketched and sculptured the purest Carrara marble, turning blocks of stone into the finest masterpieces the world has known.

He once said when sculpturing, that the marble took on a life of its own and it would tell him how it was to turn out.

He was merely the conduit between the marble and the masterpiece revealing itself through him.

Inspiration is the call from your soul to express itself through you. It is no secret that inspired people engage life with every faculty of their being.

They are happier, motivated and in love with their passion. They embody their love with every part of them and ruminate on it every moment they are awake.

It literally consumes their life.

Inspiration is the expression of creativity and the mind of the universe flowing through you.

And it is not just for artists. If you yearn for direction in your life, inspiration may be calling.

Most people do not really know what inspires them. Let us take look at ways you can find inspiration in your life.

While some artists are inspired by nature, others are inspired by humans and their ways of living. We all have different inspiration sources. Some of us need to look within for inspiration, while others have to look outwards.

There is actually no golden answer when it comes to finding inspiration and there can be multiple answers for an individual.

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