My 17 favorite places for coffee and coworking in Paris

A very personal directory of great places to take your laptop to

Maybe you’re a freelancer in the search of spots to work from. Maybe you’re a travelling the world working remotely. Or there’s no more coffee at home. Maybe you’re a student, or you’re looking for a job, or you can’t stand your colleagues anymore. Maybe you’re a startuper and you’d rather be working from a decent café than from your parent’s garage, thank you very much.

What’s in a coffee shop that makes you work so well? Is it the background chatter and music? The smell of coffee? The feeling of being among others? Here’s a list of 17 Parisian coffices that make me inspired and productive.

And here is my personal top 17:

1. Le Pavillion des Canaux (19ème)

Acoffice heaven by the Bassin de la Villette with laid-back waiters, a beautiful decoration — and you can have breaks in the sun. Have a beer by the canal in the evening (you deserved it). — 10am-10pm — 2€ filtered coffee, 9€ avocado toast

2. Hubsy (3ème)

Probably the held by the nicest coffee shop owners in the history of coffee shops. Have a cappuccino and sit in front of the Arts et Métiers museum. Enjoy. — 5€ an hour, 20€ for a day

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