TOP 10 DIY Hair Mask Recipes to Make Your Home Feel Like a Spa

Over washing your hair can cause a dry scalp, which can cause dandruff. Using these DIY hair masks will condition your hair and help prevent breakage, while being a healthier way to repair damaged hair of all types. Lather up your hair with these homemade recipes for a relaxing, spa-like experience


DIY Hair Mask
Kitchen Concoctions

This DIY beauty treatment is filled with all natural ingredients like: apple cider vinegar, avocado, banana, an egg and a little olive oil. This rich, two step hair mask will repair damaged hair and give it shine, leaving hair clean and strengthened.

The avocado, banana, egg and oil are combined in a food processor until smooth and and massaged into your hair. Once rinsed out, the vinegar and water mixture is applied and rinsed out after a few minutes.

The combination of ingredients might sound a little strange, but they will really work on damaged hair. The egg acts as a cleaning agent, while the avocado and banana help moisturize and give hair natural shine. Apple cider vinegar is really a magical ingredient, making the second step really important. Since it’s so acidic, the vinegar will help prevent dandruff and dry scalp and also give shine.

This healthy process of apple cider vinegar and water is even great to use after washing hair with shampoo and conditioner. Just make sure to dilute it with water.

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